Locations Near DecYourCakes Newcastle Under Lyme

Decyoucakes has some good transport links which makes visiting our quaint little shop even easier for you. Located in Newcastle under Lyme you'll find that our shop will be a simple journey and will give you access to an Aladdin cave full of cake decorations and more.

If you require our opening hours just click here.


Barlaston is a short drive to our Porthill shop. It will only take 18 to 30 minutes to reach Porthill depending on the traffic. With this in mind why not take a trip to Decyourcakes and have a gander to see what little gems you will find.

Stone (Near Stafford)

If you live in Stone, Staffordshire then you are only a stone throw away from Porthill. If you would like to explore a diverse range of cake decorations then you can visit our shop with easy transport links. We are only 20-25 minutes away in a car so why not pop down to see what we have on offer.


Madeley is less then a 20 minute drive to Decyourcakes, so since you are really close, why not have a venture down and check out our cake stand and cake decorations.