Cake and Baking Tips

Welcome to our Cake Tip and Advice page at Decyourcakes. If you have any cake/baking tips or cake-related suggestions that you think your fellow bakers would find useful, then please email us on and we will feature them right here!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cakes

For a lovely recipe on chocolate peanut butter cakes why not visit Coeliac Sanctuary informative site and get the recipe here.

Basic Cake Tips by Rebecca Bailey

Golden rule: don't open the oven while cakes are baking otherwise they'll sink – just distract yourself if you can't wait!!

For sponges in particular, it's all about getting lots of air in so that the cake is really light – so beat the eggs in a separate bowl and sieve your flour!

When using chocolate or butter-based icings, dip your pallet knife in a cup of hot water (and dry) to make spreading easier. Fold in flour with a metal spoon for better scooping!

Theme decorations with cases for cupcakes. Spray shimmers are a really quick way to make a cake look pretty.

If you're not hugely artistic then buy some edible decorations for the top of the cake – they'll look just as good, if not better!

Cake Leveller

It's not always easy to cut a cake perfectly level with a knife, INVEST IN A CAKE LEVELLER and simply set to desired height! two sizes in stock @decyourcakes.

Prevent Sticky Icing

Paste food colours (gels) are ideal for colouring roll out pastes (sugarpaste) as liquid colours can make the icing sticky. Please be aware they are very vibrant so add slowly and with a cocktail stick.

Gluten Free Cake

We have a lovely gluten free recipe for you all to have a nosy so here it is and thanks to Alison for this tip.


Always use Xanthan Gum and/or Guar Gum they act as a replacement for gluten allowing your cake to have a crumbly more cake like texture.

Instead of using pre-made gluten free flour you can make your own using equal quantities of potato starch, rice flour and maize flour.

Watch what vanilla extract you use, some of it contains gluten!

You can find the full version of this recipe by clicking here.